Why classy and rich campus babes love dudes who are monsters in bed

A male friend of mine told me that he is interested in a woman he clearly knows is out of his league. He intimated that this particular woman is not like any woman he has ever approached for a good lay.

My friend is sure that he will never sustain a relationship with her but wants to know how a chookie of this kind of woman smells like.

He wants to know if this classy woman moans in an alien language, but most of all, he is sure he will give her the quality of sex she has never experienced.

Please note that this woman is not a celebrity. She is not a musician. She is just a good-looking woman; what most call classy.

She is the kind of woman that will wear her six-inch high-heels Monday to Thursday and will pull off the best casual wear on Friday.

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She drives an expensive car and walks like she doesn’t need a man’s money to survive. She smells like money. Her cologne is heavenly. And he asks, how do I lay a woman like this?

My advice was simple; walk up to her and tell her exactly what you want. In your words, tell her how you want to make her body feel. Tell her there is no heart involved but a muscle. Tell her every time you look at her; you get hard.

Women like her want to be surprised by that kind of confidence. Because men tend to fear rejection from such women, they never approach, and sometimes all this woman is waiting for is a man to take her to heaven and back in the sheets, on the dining table, on the floor.

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Have you tried it under running water in the bathroom? (I couldn’t help it).

Sexual maturity in women is not about how many men they have slept with. It is about the quality of the sex she has had. Such women want a monster in bed.

Nothing makes a mature lady wet (stop thinking age and start thinking about leagues and presentation) like a man that is not her normal meal reaching out to her and asking to lay her straight up.

A man that looks at a woman and understands that it is his kind of sex that she misses glowing. The kind of no so rough sex, explosive in a way that you get her to ask if you can do it again.

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Make it very clear that it is just about that. You want to give her something that she has not had before or in a while. Don’t over sale but be very confident and straight up with what you want.

Those upscale, scary women love a man that will disregard all this and ask them for a good lay.

Please be sure that you can deliver. If you have not had a lady let go in your mouth, you may need first to master a few things before approaching a woman who is approached by several men promising the same.

With this kind of woman, you must deliver in the sheets. You must know that she has everything else she wants, but a good lay never hurts.


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