We are not planning to have a dead year – Education Ministry

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A number of parents/guardians and learners are still unsure whether schools and higher institutions of learning will re-open or not.

The permanent secretary (PS) of The Ministry of Education and SportsMr Alex Kakooza has said that it does not have any plan of declaring 2020 as a dead year for all learners in Uganda due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Kakooza revealed that the ministry is doing what it can to make sure that academic institutions are re-opened so that learners can continue with their studies in a safer way to dodge the spread of coronavirus.

We are not planning on having a dead year. As you are aware, when we closed schools and universities, we were not prepared for that. The biggest issue was how to keep the learners engaged. We came up with different options for learners to revise through TVs, radios, and printed materials – Mr Kakooza

Mr Kakooza insisted that the Ministry is waiting to have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place and then schools will be reopened following those procedures.

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