#WCW: Meet UMCAT’s Joy Kerren. Sheila Gashumba’s look alike

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They say every person on earth has that different person they look like even when they are not related in anyway.

Masaba Joy Kerren, a first year student at UMCAT, is socialite Sheila Gashumba’s look alike, very many people have have often said she is the former NTV The Beat presenter’s identical twin something that is actually not next to true.

Now our very own MC Pato caught up with her and asked a few questions. Let’s take a ride. Enjoy!

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Masaba Joy kerren , am 19 & a first year student at UMCAT School of journalism & mass communication.

Are you related to Sheila Gashumba ?
No we ain’t related, but people have always mistaken me for her when it comes to my looks.

When did people start comparing you to her as her look alike?
That was way back during my high school in year 8 while at Vienna College Namugongo.

Are you Her fan & have you met her before?
I wouldn’t say am a fan, but l have met her before many times when she used to work on T-Nation on NTV. She used to come to my school & stick around after.

Did she get to realise you look like her?
I didn’t get closer to her so l guess not, plus l don’t think she would notice because you can never know you look or someone looks like you until people say it & in this case l think no one told her.

Do you often get irritated when people tell you you look like Sheila or you also enjoy the vibe?

l wouldn’t say l enjoy it but am now used. There times l get into places & they just let me in with no hardships just because they think am her.

Tell is some of those experiences you have been favoured somewhere simply co they think you are her?
There is a time l had to go for a friends birthday party at a certain hotel but there were delays at the entrance in accessing the venue, but when l came , the security officer came and told me that she knew me & she usually sees me around with my friends, I stopped for a moment & was about to tell her it was my first time there but decided to move with the flow.

On a personal level , how would you describe Sheila gashumba?
I think she’s pretty, smart and hardworking coz at her age she has achieved so many things, although many people say it’s coz of her dad but if you critically analyse, she has also put in her efforts so l find her inspiring.

If given chance to ask her one question, what would it be?
Since several people & random people on the road streets tell me l look like her, l would ask her is she really thinks l actually do look like her.

Finally, Sheila has Gods Plan, who do you have?
Well am dating someone , he lives in the states usually he comes back in January and in the summer. It’s a long distance relationship but l have managed to handle it.

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