#WCW: Meet the stunning Vanita Faith Busingye. Reigning Miss MUBS Mbarara Campus

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Vanita Faith Busingye was a fortnight ago crowned Miss MUBS Mbarara Campus. Today, she is our #WCW. Our writer had a chat with her. Here is all you need to know about her.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Busingye Vanita Faith. I am a kind, calm person, well behaved and a socialite.
I am the reigning Miss MUBS Mbarara campus.

How did you feel after being crowned Miss MUBS?

I felt good and at the same time I felt like I have a big role to play ahead of me.

Has the crown changed your life?

Yes the crown has changed my life in a way that I have to limit my words, change my behaviours a little. I mean being more friendly though limitedly because not everyone wishes me well. I also have to be an example to those that want to succeed me.

What are you pursuing?

I am a student of Bachelor of Procurement and supply chain management at MUBS Mbarara campus.

What are your hobbies?

I love dancing, reading, singing, watching, modelling, travelling and touring new places. I also love taking part in charitable works like visiting the sick.

Relationship status?

I am single because relationships make someone loose focus on important stuff like chasing career, studies and they distract the mind. I want to focus on my studies first then that will come in later when am ready.

Who is your dream guy?

My dream guy is one that is who is God fearing, respectful, supportive, calm and humble, appreciative and hardworking.

Who inspires you or who is role model?

When it comes to career, Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga is my role model because she has proved to us that ladies are capable of being very important individuals in the country. She has also helped in supporting the girl child through speaking on their behalf. She is also the woman MP of Kamuli district. This has also inspired me to be a focused lady and determined to do beyond what is expected.

But when it comes somebody I dream of becoming, I would say Quiin Abenakyo. Miss Uganda 2018/2019. I love everything about her because she’s an inspiration to those young talented ladies that want to be models in the future. I also dream of being like her because my dream is to be a Miss Uganda or Miss World Africa in time to come. Adding to that, she is also having a project of fighting for the Girl child were she supports them and encourages them to be confident about who they are so that’s what makes her my role model.

What do you hope to do With your crown as Miss MUBS?

I hope to do some charitable work for the needy around my area starting with those around my campus or within. I want to distribute pads, and some other little requirements.
Also, Mr Mubs and I were planning to plant a tree at our Campus all in the name of treasuring nature though we have to first consult our director.

Any last message for aspiring beauty Queens out there?

I also encourage all the Beauty Queens out there to believe in themselves, aim at what their inner. heart tells them. If it says go for it let them not hesitate just because they feel they can’t make it. If you hesitate, in the end it’s you to feel left out, therefore they should have the confidence to do whatever positive thing they feel like.

I also encourage them to have the passion and love what they want and chase it because if you don’t go after what you want you will never have it. I am a Queen because I chased what I wanted despite the criticism.

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