#WCW: Meet Ritah Styles the famous and gorgeous tweep from Kyambogo University

Rita Styles is one of the most famous beauties on the Twitter streets. To say, she is a certified tweep who has gained fame because of her great sense of humour.

Besides being a twitter resident, Ritah is a former Kyambogo University awaiting graduation later this year.

She is strong and graceful because she fails but still handles it a thousand different ways on a thousand different days.

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Her beauty is celestial. Like a piece of art, she’s well sculptured and can leave your eyes amazed.

Her soul so pure, she smiles at shade and shakes the haters hand, praying in silence, for they should be better people.
Her God fearing character makes her more attractive.

She’s also an Economist in the making, a leader ( Former GRC Kyambogo faculty of arts ) and an entrepreneur. A boss lady she is, she spear heads a team of digital marketers and is also a co-owner of a travel company known as the Eastern Travelogue.

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Prayerful, faithful and hopeful. In God she renders her all. Calmly waits for the storm to pass for it’s assured the sun will shine after.

And all this is a combination of one beautiful and intelligent #WCW. Ritah is one of the few young ladies worth celebrating.

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Ayella Brian