VIDEO: Presidential candidate vows to ride on horses if the electoral commission doesn’t give him a campaign vehicle

Independent presidential candidate Mayambala Willy has revealed that he will get a horse to ride him as he traverses the country searching for votes in an attempt to unseat the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

While speaking to journalists, Mayambala revealed that he is finding it difficult to navigate his way during the campaigns because the electoral commission did not provide him with a fueled car, as was the case for candidates in previous elections.

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Before the October 2015 amendments of the Presidential Elections Act, Electoral Commission would provide each presidential candidate with Shs 100 million (in-kind), an official car, and double-cabin truck for their security detail.

However, the provision was scrapped on account of locking out ‘jokers’ from the presidential contest. This time around, the candidates were only given a double-cabin truck for their security detail.

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Mayambala isn’t the only candidate facing travel hurdles on the campaign trail.

The youngest candidate John Katumba also only recently started his campaign journey after receiving a car from Pastor Mondo Mugisha.

He, however, is also finding trouble fueling the car and feeding his security detail.

Check out the video below.


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