VIDEO: President Museveni displays ‘stamina’ while campaigning at Muni University

President Museveni wowed supporters that turned up for his rally at Muni University yesterday when he made several push-ups, in a display meant to demonstrate his stamina.

“My engagement with youth from the Lango sub-region took a more physical approach as I appealed to them to spend their youthful lives constructively; by staying fit, healthy, & sharp in ideology. It is possible to be young, with much vigour, but confused; old but clear-headed,” read a caption of the moment on his Twitter handle.

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The 76-year-old incumbent, and the National Resistance Movement candidate, was traversing northern Uganda in search of votes as he seeks a sixth term in office.

The excited crowd burst into cheers and ululations as President Museveni made over 10 push-ups.

Museveni recently released a similar video in which he encouraged people to exercise at home during the lockdown.

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However, people disputed its authenticity claiming he wasn’t fit enough.

I guess there is no arguing now.

Check out the video below.


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