VIDEO: MUBS hot girl unintentionally exposes her shaved yoyo during zoom lecture, leaves male students paralysed

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A light-skinned, slim and curvy slay queen from Makerere University Business School (MUBS) recently took her male lecturer and classmates by surprise when she appeared for a zoom lecture, undressed and explicitly went nude, exposing her body tone.

In a video that has gone viral in the Ugandan social media space, the gorgeous queen identified as Mutoni Natasha is seen massaging her tits and her hands feeling the warmth of her sagging breasts.

Natasha seductively models at different angles and finally flaunts her recently shaved yoyo, paralysing male students.

In this video, one male student is seen focussing with top-notch attention in disbelief as he as well appreciates the hot girl with gifted thighs.

It is reported that whereas the girl muted the audio, she forgot to turn off the camera, before she undressed, leaving the lecturer and male students to deal with their rioting trousers.

The video is quite compelling in that if anyone tells you what’s in this queen’s room, then he has watched it thrice.

Download the video below and get a good deal of optical nutrition. Ayaa bas!!


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