VIDEO: MUBS former ICT minister proposes to 2nd year girlfriend

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Social media at the Nakawa based university has been lit over the past days with a video of a student proposing to another. The lad who proposed is the former guild ICT minister.

The scenario was at their one year dating anniversary. It is here that they left all the friends in shock as he proposed to his girlfriend who is just in year two.

This has come with mixed feelings from the students and here are some of the views we managed to gather.

“He is joking, just playing hard guy hard guy because he is scared of scavengers.” Argued,Brian a BBA third student student.

“She is lucky, MUBS doesn’t have such guys anymore.”remarked, Laura a valley courts hostel resident.

The happy couple has been identified as Sam a third year student and Deborah a second year student offering Bachelor of Business Computing and Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

This love is usually unseen at campus. But we wish them all the best in their relationship.

We managed to capture the video. Watch video here

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