VIDEO: Makerere alumnus shocks nation after claiming that Prophet Mbonye is greater than the biblical Moses, Abraham and John the Baptist

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A Makerere University alumnus and popular remnant identified as Ssenyonga Simon has shocked the nation after he claimed that one of Kampala’s most flamboyant pastors identified as Prophet Elvis Mbonye is greater than all Biblical prophets.

Simon is not new to such controversy, having repeatedly praised that man of God on several occasions preciously, including once when he argued that Mbonye is the solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video making round on social media, Simon heaps praise on Prophet Mbonye, making statements that raise eyebrows among sections of the public.

“Prophet Elvis Mbonye is way higher than Prophet Elisha or Prophet Elijah. He is way higher than John the Baptist, he is way higher than any apostle in the New Testament. Because he has a more perfect convenant,” Ssenyonga said.

He further stated that those that don’t buy into this narrative are simply ignorant about spiritual matters.

“You see, [for instance] when Jesus showed up, people were like ‘why don’t you be like John the Baptist?’ No, no, he (prophet Mbonye) is a different man. So you can’t just get any prophet in the Bible and compare them to him. You can’t compare Moses or Abraham to Prophet Elvis Mbonye,” he further stated.

Some people have commented that he is simply brain washed into this kind of thinking. A section of Makerere University students have even threatened to beat some sense into him when they come across him.

Check out the video in the link below.

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