Unrealism and bias dominate UCU Guild elections vetting process

The Wednesday evening was when the glass was let to the floor as the long awaited results of the election vetting were put out.

Joy aroused to a few as confusion sprayed to the students in the Christian founded institution as to the mode used in screening the different candidates. To the individuals that made it through, it was all joy while others still had to wait later in the night to confirm their candidature, “sort things out” but all was in vain.

Rumour has it that some of the election committee members had issues with some of the candidates leading to the delay in their confirmation and in addition some of the members in the committee were exempted from taking part in the vetting process.

Further complaints came from the students in the Law faculty who had most of their candidates at first incidence screened out ( 2nd year students in particular) but after a lot of negotiation the later were declared part of the contention. Unlike the recent years, only 2 people will be contesting for the post of the Guild President as other applicants like Bayern Turinawe and Joel Ndyamuhaki all Law students were put out of the race without justifiable reasons.

However still the day came with some good results as the long awaited 2nd Year Law Student and aspirant Mr. Timothy Kadaga made it through the vetting process and is taking on his campaigns. The latter will be going against a fellow male student know as “Elisha” (sources provide that he is from the faculty of Business). The the two will be taking each other in the forthcoming elections.

This means there is no female contestant for the highest student position which is also alarming at the moment. The insufficient mode of communication used by Electoral Commission is also a matter of contention as to know reliable document has been seen to confirm the contestants in this coming election. It should be recalled that the institution had plans of introducing an e-voting system which is also still a matter of contention as to it’s reliability.

Joel Peter

Joel Peter

Legal scholar, passionate writer and caring friend