Unmasking the failed MAK politician who rented out Cinema Cinemax at Acacia Mall to propose to girlfriend

remnant proposes to girlfriend at acacia mall
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Simon Ssenyonga recently rented out an entire hall of century cinema at Acacia mall to propose to his girlfriend, Sharon host of the famous power of prophecy show that airs on local TV station NTV.

Our snoop has learnt that Ssenyonga is a former Guild aspirant at Makerere University and he is one of Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s right hand man, Simon Senyonga.

From another close source, Ssenyonga hails from a wealthy family and this is the reason why he afforded to spend over UGX 30 Millions on a proposal.

Despite that, the remnant’s proposal style has caused stir in the air around city corridors. This has caused a number of campus girls to aim at gracing Tuesday fellowship for Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

All we can say Glory be to God. Take a look of the photos from the event

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