University students no longer adhering to COVID-19 SOPs

A team of observers has revealed that Ugandan universities are not strictly adhering to the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) a couple of weeks after they were allowed to reopen.

The Head-of-state President Museveni recently accepted the resumption of learning for candidates in Primary seven, senior four, senior six and finalists in tertiary institutions and universities after a seven-month-long break.

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The president advised that the schools should observe the standard operating procedures prescribed by the Ministry of Health to protect the learners from contracting COVID-19 while at school.

These included wearing a mask during lessons, putting in place several hand washing stations preferably at the entrance of every classroom and points of entry and having temperature guns to enable them to screen learners and teachers.

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In the first week of reopening, many universities put in place the SOPs, however, some universities have relaxed implementing the measures. 

Those tasked with enforcing the SOPs state that they often find a hard time telling people to wash their hands or to sanitize.

Students can also be seen without masks in class and often in large groups of up to 10 or more individuals.

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