Universities initiate E-learning readiness surveys in preparation for remote learning

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A number of Ugandan universities have started conducting E-learning readiness surveys amongst their students as they prepare to adopt the online learning approach.

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has provided guidelines for the implementation of Emergency ODeL teaching and learning.

One of the guidelines requires the University to secure an undertaking from students indicating their willingness and ability to participate in the proposed arrangement

Makerere University and Busiteme University have kicked-off the process and and have sent out the surveys to their students with the survey expected to close on 20th July 2020.

Numerous other universities are expected to follow suit soon.

The NCHE takes cognizance of the readiness to reopen expressed by the majority of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and has developed guidelines for aiding HEIs to resume their teaching and learning activities remotely, since students and lecturers can be able to interact without necessarily coming into contact, during the lockdown.

The Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) system of learning provision is globally recognized as a worthy mechanism for flexible learning. It has been observed that ODeL avails numerous benefits as a teaching and learning system, because it focuses on learners, and provides for continuous engagements between the instructor and learners as and when is desirable. 

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