Universities caution government on the suspension of funding

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Leaders of several tertiary institutions have asked the government to reconsider its move to suspend operational funding to all learning institutions.

Recently, the Ministry of Finance noted that funding for educational institutions except the wage bill, would only be available when the government reopens the facilities.

However, this has been criticized by the leaders who say that it will leave a big dent on the institutions which are currently recovering from impacts of the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Gulu University Vice-Chancellor Professor George Ladaah Openjuru notes that the move will be unfair as the institutions didn’t permanently close but rather just sent students at home.

Professor Openjuru argues educational institutions still have several operations which are running and if the funds are suspended they will all be affected such as construction works.

The Makerere University Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Professor Umar Kakumba also notes that like any other public office, an educational institution maintained staff to run several projects which require funding.

He adds at this time when institutions are preparing to open, with others undertaking online teaching, they critically need the operational funds. He also says that if the funds are withheld they are most likely to accumulate several arrears that the same ministry has already discouraged.

However, the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi advises the education institution to address the matter with the Education and Health Ministries.

Source: URN

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