Uganda National Students Association on its death bed

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The once glorious student body is on the verge of collapse.

At the helm of the leadership is Ongwen Alfred and Borubuto alias Jaja Yamu,the two are to called villains in Ugandan student leadership history.

Published in the dailies, the Uganda National Students Association is to be registered as a government agency something that has has been fought over the ages by the Fortportal, Arua and other caucuses.

But nonetheless having been riddled with court injunctions and disputes, the patronage will have to use this as a scapegoat to seemingly alleviate the situation but in turn rid the student organization of its sovereignty in the due course.

However, this has not been met by silent whispers. Comrades such as His Excellence Kateregga Julius of Makerere University has dissected the occurrence in a social media excerpt headed Betrayed by my generation. “Soon student leaders will eagerly await pension arrears!!
It is a disgrace to such an awaken generation to lose our qualms over the meagre offered. It is no more chicken fight for the cock has been caged for the eagle to grab. The demise of what we stand for.” He posted.

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Patrick Odongo

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