Uganda Christian University wins CEHURD Moot

Uganda Christian University (UCU), has won the 2020 edition of the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) moot.

CEHURD Uganda is an organization that advances health and human rights for the vulnerable communities through an integrated programme of litigation, advocacy and action research.

The organization annually prepares Moot Court competitions where law students from the different universities compete as they showcase their knowledge of the law.

At the 7th Annual National Inter-University Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition hosted at Hotel Africana, a total of 8 universities were represented and these included; Bishop Stuart University, Uganda Christian University (Main Campus and Kampala Campus), Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU), Makerere University, Cavendish University, Uganda Pentecostal University and Gulu University.

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The theme of the Moot was “Access to Health Care in a Pandemic”.

UCU beat IUIU in the final whose bench was presided over by Justice Flavian Zeija (The Principal Judge), Justice James Ogoola(Rtd), Justice Remmy Kasule (Court of Appeal), Justice Mike Chibita(Supreme Court) and Her Worship Marion Ninsiima (Magistrate).

UCU’s Katushabe Catherine and Adikany Mary were declared the winners of the competition as IUIU’s Joel and Victor came in as the first runners up.

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In his remarks to the participants in the competition, Supreme Court Justice Mike Chibita offered this advise “You all know the hierarchy, the Constitutional law and the provisions which is very good. It is important for you to address the panel collectively and respectively to back each other.”

Prof. Ben Twinomugish, the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at CEHURD Uganda also advised the participants to always adequately prepare before they go for a competition, “Read more about the cases you are going to handle to help you avoid panic and mistakes while making your comments.”

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Campus cam also wishes to congratulate the UCU team upon their victory.

Joel Peter

Joel Peter

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