UCU’s Kabale campus in tight row with administration

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Recently, Uganda Christian University held elections for its leaders in an electronic way for both the Main and Kampala campus. The exercise moved on smoothly and new leaders are already taking on responsibilities.

However, this is a different case in the Christian University’s Kabale Campus also known as Bishop Barham.

The Guild leaders claim the administration is only after frustrating its regime as it has continuously blocked its activities and now pushing it out so that another leadership comes in.

Inside sources clearly state that the Campus Principal Rev. Dr Canon Medard Rugyendo suspended all cabinet and parliamentary sittings and only told them to plan for their handover.

“How can we had over yet we had no meetings!?” said one Guild official “Our Guild President is becoming a puppet to the Administration as she does what the administration tells her and neglecting her duties,” he further mentioned.

The Guild President mentioned above is H.E Ahurira Doris many of whom referred to as “The iron lady” at the time of his election to power.

Many students have also gone ahead to inquire what was the purpose of paying the Guild fee yet the Guild Government has done nothing.

The Guild Ministers and Members of Parliament have now resorted to a protest in a bid to have those meetings.

Campus cam will keep you posted on the matter

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