UCU to prioritize building Bishop Tucker gate

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The Vice-Chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU), Assoc. Prof. Aaron Mushengyezi has revealed plans to prioritize the building of Bishop Tucker gate which he said will be made main.

He said that the University Council had already approved the proposal something he said would be considered by the start of next year.

Prof. Mushengyezi said that the gate leads directly to the Head offices of the university which he said would be a direct route most especially for visitors.

He further revealed that the gate was the very first to be used at the start of the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology which gradually became UCU.

“That is the mother gate. It leads directly to the head offices,” Prof. Mushengyezi said.

He reiterated that through the prayers that had been made by the House of Bishops, they received a revelation asking them to rebuild the gate since all University’s opportunities are ushered in through it.

“We were told that UCU is because of Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology. We, therefore, need to realize that this is a parental school,” he said.

Prof. Mushengyezi made the remarks on December 16, during the commissioning of five computers that the were given out to lecturers in a bid to boost their teaching services.

Talking to lecturers, Prof. Mushengyezi applauded them for what he called ‘outstanding efforts’. He said that the School swiftly adapted online learning without any disturbance.

“As the rest of faculties were still debating about online studies, you had already moved a step ahead. This was a good gesture,” he said.

He said that the school means a lot to the university something he said needed to be taken seriously.

“If you want UCU blessed, you need to put Bishop Tucker on the frontline,” Mushengyezi said.

He also assured that his leadership would focus more on creating a stronger friendship with the Anglican Church something he said would help redirect the university’s vision and continuity.

“We are the university that is going to guarantee the future of the Anglican Church,” he added.

Prof. Mushengyezi said that the Bishop Tucker School management has for a long time played the parental role and urged them to prove their position.

To Prof. Charles Byaruhanga, the Dean of the school, opening the gate would open new opportunities to the school as it will be exposed to the outside community.

“The community has to know that we do not only focus on teaching, we also breed leadership for our societies,” he said.

He said that the school has realized many successes in a short time which he said include the winning of grants.

” We have managed to supply every lecturer with a computer. We know this shall help limit needs as demanded by the online studies,” he added.

Byaruhanga said that the school won a grant of worthy Ugx.69 Million which he said helped them to secure computers.

“We purchased five computers at 14 Million and gave to our lecturers. We now look forward to giving all of them,” Byaruhanga said.

According to Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Mukeshimana, a lecturer and beneficiary, computers will help them advance knowledge to learners with ease.

“It is a tool for us to carry out our teachings. It is the best gift you can ever give to a lecturer,” Mukeshimana said.

The school has been the mother of the university with its birth dating as far as 1920. Bishop Tucker School shall be celebrating 100 years of existence one year from now.

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Ivan Tsebeni

Ivan Tsebeni