UCU students angry over ‘Christmas exams’

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A section of students at Uganda Christian University (UCU) has expressed disappointment in the institution’s plan to conduct exams starting 28th December 2020, a few days after Christmas.

The students argue that conducting exams after only two months of studies leaves them inadequately prepared.

Furthermore, some students feel exploited, given that they had paid full tuition fees.

They expected to study for the normal length of the semester.

“UCU kindly explain to us how students are in the right state of mind to seat for exams after two months of studying? Aren’t we being exploited here?” one student mentioned.

The students are also concerned about contracting COVID-19.

“COVID-19 is at phase two (much deadlier than the first one ) but UCU is subjecting us to “sit in exams” (physically ) on the 28th of December 2020. About 100 students in each room, how safe are we?” another student ranted.

The students have asked for the institution to push the exams forward to avail them with enough time to prepare.

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