UCU releases shortlist for Law pre-entries

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The dreams of many youngsters hoping to join various university programs were put on hold after the declaration of a countrywide lockdown back in March.

Despite the closure, students were able to submit online applications and what was left in question was the law pre-entry exams offered by both Makerere University and Uganda Christian University before admission to their law schools.

However, Mukono’s UCU seems a step ahead as they are away through the process. This comes after the university allowed students interested in applying for the course to send in their applications online which were already reviewed.

What awaits these students now is only the pre-entry exams as the shortlist for those who qualified is already out and the university is yet to address the issue of these pre-entries.

It’s undoubtedly known that the Mukono based university has one of if not the best law school countrywide and many students keep yearning for places in this institution.

The university offers a two way exam which includes an oral exam and also a written exam where one must get up to the required mark to their way through into the Mukono based law school.

Below is the shortlist of students that qualified to sit for the pre-entry.

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Joel Peter

Joel Peter

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