UCU Guild Top Leadership Corruption Scam Deepens

Information reaching our desk indicates that the Uganda Christian University Guild president Kadaga Timothy, Vice President Ezra Ambasize, Prime minister John Baptist Ouma and the Attorney General Alexander Sulla are holding both the Students and University administration at Ransom.

A recent voice note leaked to class social media platforms at the university indicated that the top guild government was forcing the then EC boss, John Bruce to halt elections as part of their guild strike which the guild president claimed was aimed at helping negotiate better tuition terms for his students, but was actually a plot to enlarge their Pockets.

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“We want what belongs to us. That money should be given to us, we invested a lot of campaign money but we didn’t get it back because of the COVID. This is the only time to rescue our money,” Ezra Fumed during the meeting.

We have been duly informed that the top guild leadership intended to hold the school administration at ransom so that they could rescue their remaining 114M which forms part if the unspent guild budget.

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According to the guild government finance department, only 74M was spent and with just 3 weeks left in leadership, Some students believe that actually the top guild government wanted the elections suspended till after COVID restrictions so that they can have their terms of office extend contrary to the guild constitution.

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“They all claim to have Sacked Bruce because of Corruption but the Guild president and his accomplices are the ones stealing from the Students, how are they going to spend the 114million in three weeks yet they failed to account for the 30m from the President” one of the law Students fumed.

Listen to the audio below.