UCU Guild leadership demand take-home exams, extension of exam date

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The Guild Leadership of Uganda Christian University, under its President, Kenneth Agaba Amponda has demanded take-home exams and extension of the examination dates.

This comes shortly after the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr John Kitayimbwa, announced that the students would be starting their sit-in exams on December 28, three days after Christmas.

In the meeting with class representatives, the Guild President, Kenneth Amponda said that students have not covered enough to allow them to sit for exams.

He also said that the university authority did not consult the Guild Leadership on what they would do.

“If they failed to consult us before, we are going to show them the importance of consulting us,” Amponda said.

Among the resolutions reached, the Guild has called off all class representative’s coordination of class activities so as to define their ground.

They unanimously agreed that exams be pushed to January 25th, 2021.

By press time, no administrator had come out to speak on the matter.

To students, however, there is no need for an exam given the fact that online studies have been ineffective.

“What have we learnt to qualify for an exam? We need an extension to allow us to have better preparations,” One student said.

Meanwhile, the administration had earlier on postponed the semester to February 5.

It is from here that students have drawn a lot of concern on why they should be pressurised when the semester shall end after so long.

Moreover, it is still uncertain whether the administration shall extend the date, give students takehome exams or otherwise.

The Guild has however promised to work harder to see all this achieved.

Amponda continues to spit fire urging the administration to always respect and acknowledge that students are stakeholders who deserve better service delivery.

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Ivan Tsebeni

Ivan Tsebeni