UCU Guild campaigns officially open

Uganda Christian University has officially opened the guild presidential campaigns as the students prepare to choose their next leader through e-voting.

The university administration set up an online voting system known as the “Echagua” where the voting for all students other than the finalists will be competing.

Among the Guild Government positions available is the office of the Guild President which has two aspirants in contention. They are Agaba Kenneth Amponda, a third-year law student and Wasswa Jim Patrick who is an Engineering student in his third year and all these are set for a tight race due to the too much support in either side.

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Other positions include the Guild M.P for Residents whose contestants will have to wait till January when students resume residing in university halls.

Since the voting is one of an online system, the grounds are already levelled for the campaigning battle as different teams are carrying out their campaigns through the various media platforms including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook among others.

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The campaigns will be running for an estimated period of 10 days as the day set for the polls is 16th November.

In our interview with several candidates, the campaigns are giving them a hard time as they require more than what they actually estimated.

The different individuals who will triumph through the ongoing process will have to take over the government of Mr. Timothy Kadaga Kivunike who is the current Guild President of Uganda Christian University.

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Our snoops have also realised that different candidates are also carrying out campaigning crusades through the various hostels in Mukono where their target is the university finalist and other students who are currently based in Mukono.

Campus cam will keep you posted on the development of the matter.

Below are posters of some of the candidates.

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