UCU Dean’s newlywed son succumbed to a blood clot

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What was supposed to be the honeymoon of a 25-year-old man and his wife, turned into mourning when he suddenly passed away a day after his wedding.

On Saturday, Mr Roy Jarius Watuulo married Mrs Anitah Nabuduwa at Thornycroft Chapel in Uganda Christian University (UCU) in Mukono but later passed away at Kapchorwa hospital. The couple were both alumni of the university.

Relatives and friends revealed that Roy had difficulty breathing on Sunday while attending church service in Kapchorwa District and was rushed to Kapchorwa hospital after he collapsed.

Watuulo, the son of Dr Richard Watuulo, the Dean of Faculty of Education and Arts at UCU, had just returned from Israel where he had been pursuing a Master’s degree in Agro studies.

According to Ms Lydia Watuulo, the deceased’s mother, her son died of a blood clot on the left lung.

“My son died today (Sunday) at about 12am.” Ms Watuulo said. She described him as calm, humble and bright.

“He had just returned from Israel where he went for further studies. He got a first-class degree in agro studies at UCU and the university gave him a scholarship,” Ms Watuulo said.

The deceased will be buried at Mailo 4 on Mbale-Tororo road.

Roy’s death was the second one reported by the institution over the weekend. Scovia Turianawe, a fourth-year Civil Engineering student at UCU also passed away in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Additional reporting by Yahudu Kitunzi

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