Tricks Campus Babes Use To Escape Curfew At Home

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When most campus babes (especially those with controlling parents) realize that the semester is soon ending, they start planning ahead on how they will escape from home and spend the day with their boyfriends, pals or do other crazy things that may not get their parents’ blessings. There are a number of tricks these dot com babes use to get away from home and trust me their parents find it hard to stop them even if they suspected something fishy;

I’m going to church

Obviously this is the most common trick any girl would think of, isn’t it? Well, from freshers to continuing students, these babes know it very well that it is hard for any parent to stop a child from going for prayers, so they use this as an opportunity to go out every Sunday.

Some girls whose parents are regular prayer-goers find it hard to use this trick, but thank God Kampala churches have more than one service. Basically, they plan this stuff Saturday night, they be asking their parents like; Mom what service are you attending tomorrow? Such a girl will thereafter choose a different service to make sure that she utilizes the chance to go visit a friend, lover, or maybe go do some boozing. They play it very smart so that parents won’t suspect a thing.

We have group discussions

Coming up with fake group discussions I bet is one other thing that campus girls are so creative about. You see, group discussions have no limit, actually, the government is against holiday lectures but there is no clear restriction on group discussions.

So where were we? Yes, babes come up with fake time tables throughout the week claiming that they will be having group discussions with fellow course mates. The truth of the matter is most campus babes hate books, such girls leave home with books every day but they end up spending the day in someone’s crib ( I haven’t said boyfriend) of course not doing any academic discussion. We have you.

I have to paint my nails, my hair also needs fixing

Matters of looking beautiful have become a major cause of argument in marriages where husbands complain about their wives spending a lot of time in Saloons, this is not the case with parents and their daughters. Most parents want their girls to keep looking good, however, some peroz don’t do the financing but they actually don’t ask where their little doves get money, not my business.

What I’m saying, some campus babes leave home for saloons very early in the morning and come back home very late in the evening. Yes they come back with their hair and nails done but bruh! They do that stuff first thing they step out of home, not for the entire day.

My best friend is sick

Sickness is one thing that parents too understand. Lying about a sick friend is no sin for some campus babes, after all it is not among the Ten Commandments. The smart campus babes find it easy to lie about visiting a sick friend so that that they can have some solo moment alone or spend it with someone who’s not actually sick. Campus life is too addictive, some girls can’t risk being away from their partners in crime. Wama eat your life.

Campus is starting early this time

When a girl joins campus, some parents let her take control of her life, so they don’t ask so many questions. Such type of parents do not ask other students to confirm the official opening day of the semester, this is a chance for curfew-hating babes.

I’m sure you too reading this know about a friend who leaves home several weeks before the official reporting day. Such babes use this opportunity to spend more time with the people they’ve always wanted, far away from their parent’s control.  Some universities have different opening days for freshers and continuing students, trust me some city continuing babes too leave home on same dates like freshers.

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