#TBT When a fourth year student was expelled after impregnanting wife to the Vice Chancellor

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As funny and unbelievable as it sounds, viral reports from social media users suggest that a 400 level student (4th year student) of Bowen University in Nigeria has just gotten the Vice Chancellors wife Maggie pregnant. 

Bowen is a private Baptist Christian Nigerian University owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, in Osun state. It is located at Iwo in Osun State, Nigeria, and is housed in the old 1,300-acre (6 km²) campus of the Baptist College, a teacher-training institution on a hill just outside the city. The first Baptist University in Africa.

According to university students and lecturers, the male student has been arrested together with the wife to the vice chancellor for commiting adultery.

The wife to the chancellor is senior nurse at a nearby hospital.


Because he failed to pay high university fees, the good-hearted chancellor adopted him and started sponsoring him at the same univeristy he was heading.

Because the chancellor was always out due to busy schedule at work, the student took advantage of the situation to start punching the wife to his university chancellor and sponsor of his education until he impregnanted her. When the child was born, the doubting chancellor decided to conduct a DNA Test which comfirmed he was not the biological father.

After being questioned, the wife revealed that truly the baby belonged to the young man they are keeping at home. Another DNA Test was carried out and true to the revelation of the woman, the baby belongs to the man they are keeping and helping with university fees. 

Police arrested the youngman who admitted the crime adding that he started sleeping with his sponsor’s wife in April 2017 and that the other pregnance was in Fenbruary 2018 but the woman managed to abort. “Even this one she tried to abort but it refused to come out”, confessed the young man.

This is life, please men be aware of your friends and the people you keep at home. They can be doing your wife when you are out, some married women are useless.

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