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January 25, 2020 Campus Sniper

Lady dumps boyfriend over fear of death while cheating on him

Once a cheater is caught, because of the tradition in the village, such a cheater will ‘die instantly’

January 11, 2020 Our Reporter

Ways to spice up your sex life at Campus

Here are five saucy sex tips for you to try while at campus. Try one, try them all! Just try something different in the bedroom and you’ll experi

November 16, 2019 Our Reporter

Simple fun steps to initiate sex

Do you find it a little awkward when trying to ask your partner for some shimmy action under the sheets? Well, below are some pointers that can mak

October 20, 2019 Joshua Amaitum

Guaranteed ways to charm her and escape the friend zone

One should be aware that the Café Javas, nights out, and gifts need to be enhanced with an exceptional personal touch, or else the investment will

October 2, 2019 Patrick Odongo

#WCW: Meet MUBS’s stunning beauty Peshie Musyk who is minting money from Makeup

If you ever questioned yourself what beauty with brains means then you definitely found your answer in Peshie Musyk, the mouthwatering MUBS third y

October 1, 2019 Campus Sniper

Martha Kay: People who released my nudes wanted to kill me

About 5 months ago, the internet was flooded with nude photos of former Uganda Christian University student and photographer. Shortly after the nud

August 31, 2019 Campus Sniper

CAM LOVE DOCTOR: Ways Your Girlfriend Acts When She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

When a woman has stopped loving you, it could feel like the world is coming to an end. There are certain signs she lets out when she has lost inter

August 27, 2019 Campus Sniper

Reasons Why Sex Is Important In Your Relationship At Campus

Sex is the glue that’s needed in a relationship. It re-connects you and puts you in tune with your partner. Sex keeps your relationship alive. It

August 23, 2019 Campus Sniper

PHOTOS: MUBS Babes Parade Thick And Succulent Thighs In Bikinis. Leave Dudes Panting Like Dogs

They say guys love watching ladies’ thick skin and yes, this is without any doubt very true. This has been proven by MUBS babes who decided t

August 23, 2019 Campus Sniper

CAM LOVE DOCTOR: 8 Compliments That Melt A Campus Girl’s Heart

Before giving compliments, you should identify what the woman likes about herself, the things she wants for herself, and the things she wants to im

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