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December 14, 2020 Mayanja Edrine Isaac

LADIES ONLY: How to keep your UNDER PARTS clean and healthy

Many girls till date refrain from talking or sharing tips on how to maintain feminine hygiene. However, it is important to know about vaginal hygie

November 26, 2020 Our Reporter

University students ask government to teach them about sex

University students have asked the Ministry of Education to include Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) on the curriculum saying many students

October 21, 2020 Campus Sniper

Why classy and rich campus babes love dudes who are monsters in bed

A male friend of mine told me that he is interested in a woman he clearly knows is out of his league. He intimated that this particular woman is no

June 11, 2020 Our Reporter

UCU students stranded in hostel bonk tubeless. Babe declines to abort

The couple took advantage of the time away from school and freedom to treat themselves to bonking marathons to the point that the girl, only identi

April 7, 2020 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: How I bonked a Makerere University slay queen till she showered me liters of sanitizer

She was panting with curiosity and ready for chewing. At the moment, no amount of Corona Virus could intimidate me against throwing her breathtakin

March 20, 2020 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: The moment I bonked my masturbating female bestie, the cute Kyambogo queen

Sandra was a delicious prey that up to now serves me goodies upon every request. It’s the only thing we do beyond friendship

March 13, 2020 Campus Sniper

Male perspective: What men need & don’t in a relationship

Men are not as vocal about their wants or feelings as women are and it can sometimes be difficult to know just what a man might want in a relations

January 25, 2020 Campus Sniper

Lady dumps boyfriend over fear of death while cheating on him

Once a cheater is caught, because of the tradition in the village, such a cheater will ‘die instantly’

January 25, 2020 Campus Sniper

Things guys do to secretly turn on campus babes

As long as a woman knows that her man isn’t making sexual advances or flirting with any other woman she will fall for his suggestive advances. Wo

November 24, 2019 Our Reporter

Samura Tales: How Laptop repairing at campus earned me opportunities to repair exclusively succulent girls

On some fateful day, a humble curvy lady came to my room with a laptop that required installation of windows and drivers. It was around 7:00 pm and

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