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October 23, 2020 Our Reporter

MC Casmir launches Give-Back campaign to pay tuition for University students

The students to be helped by the campaign will be picked by the help of guild councils and a press conference will be held every after four months

September 30, 2019 Campus Sniper

VIDEOS: Karole Kasita causes scrotal eruptions at Party With Casmir

Over the weekend, Urban  TV’s Mc Casmir held his annual ‘Party with Casmir’ party at Speke Hotel based Rock Bar. A number of

September 26, 2019 Campus Sniper

Party with Casmir will be a different and special experience – Mc Casmir

Urban TV’s Mc Casmir held his very first party at Wave Lounge a year ago. Months down the road, he is back with the second edition of his mas

August 27, 2019 Campus Sniper

Urban TV’s Mc Casmir Announces The Mega Return Of Party With Casmir

The long awaited Second Mega edition of the biggest VIP Campus Event is finally confirmed slated for Saturday 28th September at Rock Bar Speke Hote

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