Female Student found in MAK Guild Chambers unconscious

Makerere University ranked 5th best in Africa

Days ago, former Makerere University Mitchel Hall Chairman Polly Bandolla was arrested by Police for refusing to vacate Guild Chambers.

Shortly after his arrest, a student was found laying on the floor unconscious for suspected drug abuse.

According to thee Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, the young lady was found in a room in the Guild Chambers belonging to Polly Bandolla, a fourth year student pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine.

Onyango added that they arrested Bandolla and later found shisha concoctions, a big cigar, a coca cola bottle with protruding tubes, several condoms among others things.

It has come to our knowledge that Frank Mugwizi, the Hall warden tipped off police following Bandola’s weird behaviour.

However, some of Bandola’s close friends refuted the allegations while explaining that the former student leader was framed for participating in several uprisings against the university’s decision to hike tuition fees.


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