Stranded students transported back home by their MP

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Over 300 stranded students from South Western Uganda have been transported back to their homes in by Kanungu district woman Member of Parliament Hon. Elizabeth karungi. These students were stuck at university hostels in Kampala and Mukuno.

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The legislator said she has been receiving numerous calls from the stranded students seeking to be helped to return home since the president’s directive on the closer of institutions of higher learning.

She decided to transport them back to their respective homes in Kanungu as they wait for the resumption of learning at schools and universities.

The students have applauded their legislator the good heart as one of them told Campus Cam. “We have been in hardship with limited food and supplies and also I have been homesick.”

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The first batch of students left Kampala yesterday using the parliamentary minibuses and rest will be transported in the coming days.

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Daniel Baingana Alinde

Daniel Baingana Alinde

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