SNIPERS: Lecturer’s phone disappears into thin air while teaching a small class of 11 students

On Wednesday afternoon, an influencer via her Twitter handle @Omwisiikii_Zoe was wondering how their lecturer’s phone disappeared into thin air despite teaching a class of only 11 students.

The tweep who declined to mention her university campus further reported that though there were numerous attempts of pleading and threatening that once caught, the thief would not graduate, this legendary sniper stayed put.

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All the 11 students were later searched within in a short period of time, but all in vain. Zoe also reported that the usually jolly and joyous lecturer was then spitting fire and boiling with anger and absolute frustration and later promised never to return to the class unless they got her Itel device back.

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The comment’s section was packed with rolling banter as tweeps appreciated the COVID 19 acquired robbing skills that finalists were employing for survival.

Others went further to claim that this could have been a Kyambogo University class.

Check the screenshots below.



Mayanja Edrine Isaac

Mayanja Edrine Isaac

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