Slay Queen Who Gifted MAK Chief Fresher Ssubi With Fake iPhone Hooks Up A Rastafarian

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Over the weekend, a slay Queen gifted Mak ‘metallic suitcase’ fresher Mr. Ssubi a malfunctioning iPhone 6+ just to get popular and go viral on the internet.

From the latest info on our news desk, this stunt could have finally paid off after she managed to hook up a dude who also happens to be a rastafarian.

From the photos the sniper landed on, the mystery slay Queen is showing off with another malfuctioning iPhone at the Rastafarian’s house

According to our sniper who is taking cover at the Ivory Tower, this slay Queens is a student who has always wanted to be a celebrity something that explains why she gifted Ssubi a phone infront of Cameras.

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