SHOCKING: Young girl in viral sex video with her father commits suicide

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Days ago, there has been a trending sex video along the wild streets of social media where a young girl of probably 14 years old was captured having hot sex with her father.

In this video, Patrick Ayoyi Ayunga, the biological father of this innocent teenager was seen signaling to his daughter to sit on his big cassava. The little girl who was already pantieless proceeded to sit on the dad’s organ before riding it roughly like a horny tigress.

The video has since leaked and made numerous rounds on social media causing alarm from the International community. However, upon discovering that they had been sniped and had fallen victims of all kinds of disgusting criticism, the young girl has gone ahead to commit suicide, leaving a sad note behind. Her body was found hanging lifeless on a roof in her rural village of Kericho-Kenya.

In the suicide note, the little girl apologizes to the mum, regretting the embarrassment she has subjected her family to across the country and into the International community.

“Dear mum, I am sorry I had to do this, I loved you very much. Life has become unbearable now that I am the evil talk of the country. I brought you shame when you expected the best from me. I can not live like this anymore,” she wrote.

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