SHOCKER: At least 90% of students at Ugandan universities are engaged in premarital sex

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At least 90% of students at Ugandan universities are engaged in premarital sex, according to a study by the School of Women and Gender Studies, Makerere University.

Titled Rebuilding the Moral Infrastructure of the Youth in Uganda: Nurturing a New Generation for National Transformation, the research interrogated the moral values and character necessary for academic excellence, social innovations, positive mindset, attitude, and behavioral change essential for national transformation at different levels.

The study, which involved 993 respondents from Makerere University, also found that 12% of the respondents confessed to having been pregnant. Of these, 55% mentioned that they aborted, 8% experienced miscarriages and 37% carried the pregnancy.

The findings of the study, which took place between December 2019 and March 2020, were disseminated to the public by Peace Musiimenta, the principal investigator at an event held on Thursday at Makerere University. “Some students at Makerere University have dubbed sex a “silent course unit” whereby having multiple boyfriends or girlfriends is common among students,” Musiimenta said.

Due to moral degeneration, there are increased cases of sexual harassment, sex for marks, unplanned pregnancies, and abortion among others. First-year students are more vulnerable to moral degeneration, accounting for 49% of the respondents followed by the second year at 42%.

The biggest form of moral degeneration manifestation is alcoholism and smoking ranked at 57%, drug abuse ranks second at 54%, while sexual harassment ranks third at 53% and prostitution ranks fifth at 38%.
At least 91% of the respondents were aware that there is moral degeneration.

Josephine Ahikire, the principal at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, said the findings are a mirror of what is happening in the society. “We do not have to look at Makerere alone, but have a broader picture where people are being paid sh1,000 to vote. “This needs to be scaled up and not only focus on the youth,” Ahikire said. She also said adults as old as 50 years have also morally degenerated and cited examples where some people exchange sex for political support.

Brenda Boonabaana, a lecturer at Makerere University, said the research came up with recommendations, among them forming clubs that will promote good morals.

Known as Becoming A New Generation (BANG) clubs, they comprise students from all the 10 colleges at Makerere University.
A total of 500 students have also signed abstinence cards and will be further trained on what it takes to keep sexual purity and encouraged to try it.

Source: New Vision

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