SHOCKER: About 50% of Kabale University female lecturers return to work pregnant

Fascinating at the Kigezi based University is the rolling gossip that about 50% of Kabale University female lecturers are currently carrying live seeds in their wombs. This is not harmful, but rather interesting. The finalists are uncontrollably whispering from every campus corridor about the overwhelming coincidences that befell their lovely wells of knowledge.

While talking to Campus Cam, one student on conditions of anonymity stressed that every student is intrigued, but not astounded though, given the prolonged lockdown of nothingness, except couples harvesting each other. He stated that this is the principal reason as to why their lecturers are appearing in a “2 in 1” package.

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“It’s quite interesting that a large number of our female lecturers got pregnant when we were away, but this is not surprising anyway. The lockdown was long and they were free from work and stress. They had to make babies,” he stated.

However, another student who preferred being identified as Rachel told Campus Cam that whereas the lockdown was long, the cold nature of Kabale also catalyzed the unfolding of the entire silent activities. Rachel concluded that in search for comfort in the midst of the chilly and frosty Kabale atmosphere, these ended up yielding other humans.

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“Our lecturers didn’t have a lot of work during the lockdown and yet the Kabale weather is very cold. When the weather is cold and you have nothing to do, you get to your bed and cover yourself. So what do you think happens while there? Yamaawe…!!”Rachel narrated to Campus Cam.

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Take note that in the midmonth of March 2020, The President issued a directive to close all academic institutions which was later followed by a total national lockdown with night curfew to combat the spread of COVID 19 in the country. It is until of recently that school was resumed for only finalist students where female lecturers and students are returning with modified bellies.