Schools urge government to let semi-candidate learners return to class

Owners of private academic institutions have asked the government to allow students in semi-candidate classes to return to school.

Through their umbrella body, the Proprietors of Private Education Institutions’ Association in Uganda (PPIEAU), the school owners said this is intended to enable them to prepare the learners for the next class.

Michael Kironde, the chairperson of PPIEAU, said these classes are critical and that students need more attention from teachers to qualify to the next classes.

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For instance, he said, the Senior Five science students hardly had a month in school before the schools were closed, and yet they have to comprehend the technicalities in biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry on their own.

These students need to be in school as soon as possible,” he said. Studying from home on their own, he said, will cripple them and that a number of them will not be able to comprehend what they studied on their own.

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Dr J.C Muyingo, the Minister of State for Higher Education, said the ministry is discussing possibilities of opening schools for the rest of the students.

To allow the rest of students to return to school, Muyingo said, the ministry is monitoring how schools are handling the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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“We have started receiving reports on how schools are implementing the guidelines on reopening and SOPs. These reports will inform us whether to reopen or not. This is why we are asking schools to follow the precautions,” he said.

Source: The New Vision