School administrators demand full reopening of schools

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Headteachers of government-aided schools and proprietors of private education institutions have urged the government to fully reopen schools.

Mr Patrick Kaboyo, the general secretary of the Federation of Non- State Education Institutions (Fenei), said some of their members have been borrowing money to manage the candidate classes which reported on October 15.

Mr Kaboyo said the members are threatening to give away their institutions because it is becoming difficult to maintain the learners with some parents failing to pay school fees.

“It was not in the interest of the government that students go back to school. We pushed. The request was scaled down to only candidates,” Mr Kaboyo said in an interview with the Daily Monitor newspaper.

Mr Hassadu Kirabira, the representative of the Kampala National Private Education Institutions Association (NPEIA), asked the government to stop wasting resources by conducting another assessment of schools to see how many more classes they can allow to report.

“There is a tendency of government bringing things at the last minute and causing confusion. They should come up with a timely programme to indicate what is required to reopen,” Mr Kirabira said.

The government headteachers under their umbrella, the Association of Secondary School Headteachers of Uganda (ASSHU), has also warned that their campaign is to have all learners back to school to relieve them of the economic burden they are grappling with as many parents have failed to raise fees.

Schools across the country have been closed from March 2020, with the partial reopening for students in candidate classes in October 2020.

Story courtesy of Patience Ahimbisibwe

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