Samura Tales: How my relationship with my lecturer went bad and cost the whole class

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In my adventurous world of a naughty campuser, it has always felt fantastic cultivating a relationship with my superiors. I could swim in total dignity and hence couldn’t drop a chance once it sprouted. My sex feasts with my superiors have always halted handsomely until I met Ms. Rose.

Ms. Rose is this stunningly juicy fine-figured woman whom I drilled at every opportunity. She loved me from the time she learnt that I was a renowned bonking pro shark, a notorious love nigga around campus since girls always screamed “samura,” my bedroom nickname whenever I reached class late. Neither did I disappoint whenever a bootylicious girl got her way into my bed.

I bonked Ms. Rose from all weird places on mother earth. A quicky in the library, shower rooms and marathons in her sitting room, kitchen and the dinning table, whilst we explored all sex positions. She had a tight pussy that always grabbed my dick and rubbed it to the wildest sensations of sweetness.

Besides the erotic pleasure, Ms. Rose was a romantic figure, an outgoing lady who usually spent cash on our vacations, got me gifts and as well sent me her mind boggling nudes. In return, I always gave her a full dose of my dick and she quite often erupted with numerous orgasms inspired by this highly energetic young man.

Ms. Rose was a sweet soul before she became authoritative, unnecessarily argumentative and explicitly disrespectful. She got picky and clingy. She got busier and receded into a bully.

It has been witnessed and severally testified that no sane man, no matter the status will succumb to extreme submissiveness in any relationship. On this note, I said no whenever it was necessary. I rejected all intentions of undermining my esteem. She got upset as I retained the true man in me.

My heart kept wandering in search for peace which had since waned. I felt like moving on and catching someone younger, but Ms. Rose still loved.

All was still pending till some day when I scrolled through her WhatsApp chats and my sight was struck by her sex videos with mature men. Instantly, my heart went cold as I froze in disbelief. At once, I resolved to drop this project and chose to fend for love elsewhere.

With my poaching tactics, I registered a new catch, Claire – another brown skinned girl from Kiruhura, residing in Mary Stuart Hall. Claire was a humble, down to earth young girl who had breathed life into my world before Ms. Rose got us out for a date at ‘Chicken Tonight.’ Of course she had been tipped by a friend. It all didn’t go well.

Ms. Rose and I had a bitter and brief chat while I prepared to call it quits.

“Hey Rose! As far as I recall, at some moment I testified that you’re my world. I didn’t lie. Well, today I wanted to remind you that apparently, my world spins no more. It’s stuck, unfortunately in the night. Darkness is all over. Am looking for light elsewhere to change my world,” I texted her unapologetically.

“Chris, You’re just an idiot. You await my wrath,” she threatened, accompanying her reply with a number of calls which I ignored.

The next morning, Valeria her closest friend expressed how bitter Ms Rose was throughout the night. She uttered statements that made me wish the earth could give way for me to sink in, yet Ms Rose’s next lecture was in the afternoon.

I terribly pondered on whether to attend her lecture or not. I then made up my mind to step into that class, sit and look directly into her face and silently tell her off one more time that all is done and that am looking for a younger sumbie.

In the afternoon, Ms Rose arrived for the lecture, masquerading her well endowed figure, but my feelings were detached. In the face, she looked tough like a wounded lioness. She was not smiling, as though I had never made her scream in her own bed.

“Phones away and all books closed. It’s a random assessment test,” she blurted with a gloomy look before she dictated two lengthy essay questions. Sincerely, these questions were a cracker each. Trying out one was like splitting the science of cancer and attempting to find its cure.

“By the way, i will be considering this exam for your CATs marks,” she added while she dashed out of class.

The entire class descended into silence. Everyone broke their neck, eyeing me like I had announced finding the vaccine for COVID-19. We all suddenly broke into laughter.

At the time of closure of institutions following the President’s directive, Ms. Rose had returned the results with the best having scored 11 out of 40. Of course not me.

Apparently, we are waiting for school to resume so as we submit in our petition against these biased results. However, many still blame my dick for causing trouble onto the entire class.

Since then, I remain yours Samura Chris, the notorious Campus love nigga. Proudly a woman eater.

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