Sad! Parent dies from shock after learning of son’s arrest during Makerere University strike

Musiiri David is one of the students that were arrested during the on going Makerere University 15% Tuition Policy protests a few days.

However, his arrest was not just an arrest, the BCOM student has lost another parent due to the exact same reason. We have exclusively learnt that Musiiri David lost his father to shock upon learning that he was arrested.

David during the protests a year ago

David is said to have been dragged from his hostel room by police who manhandled him. In the video, he is seen fighting off police officers as he resisted arrest, even earning praise from Hon. Zzake Francis, who commended his fighting spirit.

David resisting arrest

It is unfortunate that his whereabouts are unknown, and it is likely that he may not be aware of his father’s demise.

David has had trouble raising tuition, so much that he needed colleagues and classmates to fundraise for his tuition before he could sit last semester exams.


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