SAD: Makerere University alumnus ‘murdered by girlfriend’ in South Africa

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Campus Cam has learned of the unfortunate demise of Dennis William Kyazze, who was reportedly murdered by his girlfriend only identified as Linda with whom he was living in South Africa.

It is reported that in early June, Kyazze, who was living with Linda, 22, a South African national, was mugged by thugs who waylaid
him at his residence.

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He was hospitalized for five days. After being discharged, Kyazze returned home to recuperate from injuries sustained in the attack.
A week later, Kyazze disappeared from the public eye, prompting friends and family to search for him.

It wasn’t until one of the deceased’s relative stormed his residence which they searched only to discover him dead and hidden under a bed in one of the rooms.

“It is reported that the relative found his brother’s girlfriend, at the scene while Kyazze’s body was found under the bed, with injuries on the upper body,” said Capt Kay Makhubele, the South African Police spokesperson.

His girlfriend was present in the house and she was seriously quizzed about what could have led to his death.

She was arrested by police and taken for further questioning  “after she could not explain the circumstances that led to the deceased’s demise”.

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The couple had been facing relationship troubles according to sources close to them.

Dennis Kyazze is an alumnus of Makerere University from where he graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

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