Rema’s boyfriend is a certified doctor from Makerere University – Mak Lecturer confirms

hamza Ssebunya and rema
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Since Hamza Ssebunya, Rema’s newest catch broke onto the scene, false stories of him being an uneducated conman starting swirling around town.

Later news of him chocking on retakes also emerged but Makerere University lecturer, a one Sabrina Kitaka who claims to have lectured Ssebunya at the Ivory tower has come to his rescue.

According to Sabrina, Ssebunya was one of the smartest students at College of Health Sciences. A one Sabrina Kitaka, who claims to have lectured Dr. Hamza Ssebunya’s at Makerere University has spoken out.
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Sabrina has come out to defend her former student, Hamza by claiming how he was one of the smartest guys at the College Of Health Science. “Dr. Hamza Ssebunya was one of the best students at MakSHC. He was GoU sponsored student and excelled on his course.” She partly posted on her facebook platform.

This trashed the news of Ssebunya chocking on retakes at the Ivory tower.

It should be remembered that Rema will introduce her new catch to her family on 14th November 2019

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