President Museveni directed the 15% Tuition policy – Insider

Makerere University is well known for tuition strikes in the past years, most being about the tuition deadlines.

This time round, Makerere University female student leaders, led by the Guild Representative Councillor of the School of Psychology Siperia Mollie, took to the streets to protest the cumulative tuition policy of the university that increases the amount of tuition to be paid every year by 15%.

This means in five years, the tuition fees for every course at the university will have increased by 75%, just 25% shy of a whooping 100% increase in tuition fees.

The female students who claim to be in danger of selling their bodies to raise tuition intended to march to the office of the president and demand for the reasons as to why he directed the university management to increase tuition to what they termed as “exorbitant figures.” But alas, they were intercepted barely before they made it out of the university.

Now according to an insider, the 15% Tuition increment policy order was given by President Museveni, a reason the administration gave a deaf ear. “The University Management has always told us the exorbitant annual tuition increment was a State Directive by the President of the Republic Of Uganda. If this be the case, then the future of our Nation is dead. We, the current cohort of students cannot sit back and watch our siblings fail to join Makerere University because of exorbitant fees.” The insider told this website.

However, this information is yet to be confirmed.


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