Polly Bandola was framed by MAK VC Prof. Nawangwe’s enemies – Source

polly bandolla arrested

Polly Bandola, former chairperson of Mitchell hall in Makerere University who made a bad name for himself for being part of a student committee that agreed to accept the implementation of the 15% tuition increment policy has begun to feel the negative consequences of his decision.

It is believed that Polly has been a very good friend to Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe and for this, he had rewarded his a free residential at the Guild Chambers were he has been staying. His continued stay at this residence was a spark to his existing troubles.

It is common knowledge at Makerere University that Bandola and other committee members went against the students will and sided with the Vice Chancellor of the University to accept the unfair policy something that has been itching Prof. Nawangwe’s rivals.

Because of this, sources have told this website that Polly’s dirty work got him exposed by the enemies of Nawangwe who are working tirelessly to bring down all those that betrayed the student community. This was done by framing him with a jerrycan of fuel, alcohol, drugs in his place of residence a few days ago.

However, the allegations are yet to be confirmed.


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