PICTURES: Over 15 Makerere University Students arrested amidst Tuition Increment protest

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A number of Makerere university students this morning took to the streets in protest of a move by the university to levy a 15% tuition levy for students enrolled at the university in what they regarded as ‘Black Tuesdsay’.

The protestors who regarded themselves as ‘students activists’ marched in front of the university main gate carrying several placards with words against the recent move of the university to increase tuition fees and several calls to the university administration to consider students from humble backgrounds and look deep into the issue of affordability of a course at the campus as early as 7 AM.

However Police authorities joined by the military engaged the already rowdy students chanting songs to stop their protest citing it was unlawful and this led to a bitter verbal exchange of word while some forced their way to continue with the protest a move that led to the arrest of over over 15 students who are currently detained at unknown police stations.

By press time, among those arrested is Siperia Mollie, the Guild Representative Councillor of the School of Psychology.

This is not the first protest against tuition increment at the Ivory Tower, over the years, Makerere University has had a number of strikes and protests especially on matters concerning tuition.

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