PICTORIAL: UMU Nkozi students treated to a Nyege Nyege experience at Nkozi Hill Party

Last night, party animals who turned up for Tusker Lite’s Nkozi Hill party must have exited the hilly venue with aching muscles from all the nonstop dancing and party that proved to many that it was indeed a ‘lit’ party just like the famous Nyege Nyege.

Revelers cooked up a storm with nonstop dancing and entertainment.

It is no surprise that Nkozi party goers know how to party given any time and in any place. As these partiers lost themselves while excitedly dancing to the myriad of DJ mixes that kept on playing, a perfect cocktail of fun and good times was unleashed.

With this having been dubbed the camping edition, party animals ended up trading the camping experience for the party vibes as many preferred to blast the night away. Many compared this experience to the ultimate Nyege Nyege Experience

Here are some of the photos from the event. Take a look


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