PICTORIAL: How it went down at Party with Casmir

Over the weekend, Urban TV’s celebrated Mcee, Mc Casmir held his second party at Speke Hotel based Rock Bar.

The event was colourful and revellers started arriving as early as 7 PM to have a picture moment at the famous green carpet. They were later kept on their feet by other Mcees like Mc Uganda who had come through to support their own.

By 10 PM, the venue was filled to capacity but the fans were still coming in to witness the best of the Urban TV 527 show host.

A number of musicians lik Karole Kasita, Ring Rapper, Karole Kasita, Tyler Himself performed for Mc Casmir’s fans before he stepped on stage at about midnight before pulling off one of the best showcase by an Mcee for the next hour.

After Mc Casmir’s outstanding performance, Dj Crim took over and entertained the revellers till late hours of the night.


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