PICS: Meet Menopose. The Legendary Soldier At Mbarara University Of Science & Technology

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If you have been at Mbarara University of Science and Technology before then you have definetly met the legendary Menopose.

The 27 year transporter is still executing his duties so well. Menopose is often seen transporting students to Kihumuro campus on a daily despite the Campus having a new bus and other mini-buses.

Menopose is driven by a one Baker and parks at the MUST main campus while not on duty

While talking to one of the students at the Mbarara based institution, so much praise was heaped on Menopose. They even believe the bus might be here for the next 50 years. “This Menopose guy is legendary. He is great work. Everyone here loves him because we think we shall never get anyone like him. We believe if he gets the care he deserves. he might be here for the next 50 years. He is indeed a blessing.” A one Prince, a student at the University said.

Menopose was donated to the University in 1992 by the Ministry of Education.

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