PHOTOS: Tweeps storm Mbarara’s rolex booth

If you thought chills were suspended because of the pandemic, you are wrong. Twitter users alias “Tweeps” from the newly launched western city “Mbarara” had a chillout showcase over the weekend.

At the mini-party titled Chill with the Landlord hosted by digital influencer ” The Landlord” (@uglandlord) had only the sky as the limit as they mercilessly spoilt themselves with several shots of Uganda Waragi while the Mbonye girls ‘did’ it with a mouth cold shot of a Coca-cola.

As if that wasn’t enough, several ‘nsaniya’ were paraded on the tables and readily smashed by those in attendance.

It was really fun and a memorable link up for tweeps some of whom are campusers in their forced holiday and newly fresh graduates who are just starting to toil out the working hustle.

Here are some of the pics from the event.

Joel Peter

Joel Peter

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